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DECLARATION of the legality of the origin of funds and cryptocurrency assets

 With this declaration, I - natural person, who files an application on the website http://otcworld.online hereinafter referred to as "Declarant" being a legally capable person and not being in a state of delusion or fraud, confirm and certify the following information for

1. I have obtained the money and/or cryptocurrency assets legally and not illegally.
2. The money and/or cryptocurrency assets are my property. 3.
3 Transactions I perform with money and/or cryptocurrency assets are performed by me knowingly and in my personal interests, without pursuing the interests of third parties.
4. I am not acting on behalf of or receiving instructions from known or unknown third parties to buy or sell Crypto-currency, or any information or instructions about the Crypto-purse(s) to which Crypto-currency should be transferred or from which Crypto-currency should be debited to complete the purchase or sale of Crypto-currency.
5. I have a full and clear understanding of the functionality, use, storage, distribution mechanism and other characteristics of Crypto-currency and I understand and accept the risks and consequences when buying or selling Crypto-currency. I have a full understanding of cryptocurrencies, how they work and the volatility of the exchange rate.
6. Have full information about the selected cryptocurrency in order to make an informed decision about buying or selling.
7. Complied with any applicable taxation regimes in the jurisdiction of my residence.
8. Crypto Wallet to which cryptocurrency is to be transferred or debited from the account belongs to me. I own, manage and have access to it unilaterally.
9. Funds in the amount specified in the application created by me on the website http://otcworld.online are private. I dispose of, possess, use or make use of it for my own purposes and needs without a mandate or order from the third parties and not for the benefit of the third parties.
10. Cryptocurrency in the amount stated in the application form I created on http://otcworld.online belongs to me alone, I use it for personal purposes, it is obtained legally, not by criminal means.

I am not under the influence of third parties. I have not received and have not received any threats, warnings, or promises from unknown persons to steal money from my bank account or to act fraudulently with my bank account.

I am aware that I will bear civil, administrative, or criminal responsibility according to the legislation if I have provided false information.

Hereby Declarant confirms that money and/or cryptocurrency assets used in the application form created by Declarant on http://otcworld.online were sent by him or received by him to the crypto-wallet/bank account/bank card indicated in the application form (p. 8 of the Declaration) in the proper volume.

The declarant hereby confirms that there are no claims in relation to the number of funds and/or cryptocurrency assets transferred or received, the timing of the transfer of the cryptocurrency or funds and other tangible or intangible claims, and confirms its unequivocal desire to conclude a sale and purchase of cryptocurrency.